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My name is Lydia Minehan-Tubic. 

I’m a Seattle based yogi.

I like to make shapes with my body. 

Yoga is my primary form of self-expression. 

Yoga has helped me discover self-love. 

Self-love has enabled me to more deeply & authentically connect with others. 

I believe learning to love yourself in this world is the most powerful healing you can offer yourself. 

I teach yoga to help others along their journey of self-love & self-discovery. 

I want to support you in lighting yourself up and recognizing your full potential.

Self-love is infectious & contagious. 

Like a ripple effect, when you recognize your full potential & self-worth you will contagiously inspire others to do the same simply in the way you show up. 

I believe collective ripples make tidal waves of change.