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My yoga journey started in 2015 in my tiny apartment bedroom while playing yoga videos on my computer. I had the perfect square footage for one yoga mat, if placed in the center of my room, and enough spatial awarness to kick my closet door or bed in a three-legged-down-dog only once or twice during a typical practice session. I came to my asana practice to find more balance in my body during a period where I was doing a lot of high intensity interval training. I figured I’d incorporate yoga since I wanted to stretch, and at the time I thought yoga was just stretching. I had no idea how much yoga would change my entire outlook on life.

The first year of my practice was almost exclusively a home practice. For me the most powerful part of the practice was discovering the power of my breath. As humans we all breathe, so while my breath had been with me my entire life I had never deeply paid much attention to it. Connecting in this more mindful way to my breath started opening up physical and mental boundaries I previously didn’t even notice I was placing on myself. All of these stories I’d been holding on to about who I thought I was supposed to be started flooding out during my daily practice. This release allowed me to pay closer attention to the stories I hold and make conscious decisions about which ones I wanted to cultivate and which ones I wanted to release. Yoga has made every aspect of my life more intentional.

I started practicing at a yoga studio in 2016, and 4 months later I signed up for their 200 hour teacher training program. I was fascinated by yoga and mostly wanted to deepen my understanding of the practice. I had no real intention of teaching when I enrolled, but halfway through the program, I realized the positive impact teacher training was having on me. Like a gift, I felt like it was something I was meant to be sharing with others. The community aspect of yoga is powerful, and it’s one of the many reasons I teach today. I participated in an extended education program after receiving my 200 RYT, and started teaching in March of 2017.

Just like my own practice, my teaching style is playful and curious. These two pillars allow me to bring an open mind and heart to my classes so students can physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually explore themselves in a safe and welcoming space. I offer options for all practitioners to explore both the effortful and effortless parts of the practice, depending on what you’re needing on a given day. My sequences are rooted in anatomy with sprinklings of creativity to fully drop into your body and breath.

200 RYT || CorePower Yoga || 200 RYT || Oct 2016
Power Vinyasa Extensions || CorePower Yoga || Jan 2017
Yoga Sculpt || CorePower Yoga || Mar 2019
Yoga Sculpt Extensions || CorePower Yoga || Apr 2019
50 hr Yin Yoga || Leah Adams || May 2020

200 RYT – Coach in Training || CorePower Yoga || Oct 2018
Power Vinyasa Extentions – Facilitator || CorePower Yoga || Jan 2020